Mechanical Projects

DeltaTech has extensive experience in design and construction in the following areas:

Upgrade of Production Machinery

 DeltaTech  utilizes state-of-the-art technology, especially in the fields of automation and drives (system integration of  PLCs, HMI , servo drives etc.),  to upgrade old machinery with the following goals :

  • rise in productivity

  • quality increase

  • safety according to the current European norms

Design and Installation of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

DeltaTech  in conjunction with selected partners undertake design and construction of air, water, steam and special piping and tanks (incl. pipes, valves, fittings, regulators, instruments, pumps, etc ).

 Design, Construction,  Installation and Maintenance of Conveyor Systems

DeltaTech has a wealth of  experience in the design and construction of conveyor systems as well for production lines, as for Baggage Handling Systems in airports and ports.